We Finished!

We finished! We finished the fence late this afternoon. Gene still has to make the gates and put the finishing touches on but the dogs can use it! (Gene put plywood where the gates will go.)

And today I was promoted from Construction Assistant to Nail Gun Person. I got to use the nail gun a lot, unless he grabbed it first! He shared pretty well and he does work faster than me.

We were so excited to let the dogs out! At first they would not go off the deck. Once off the deck they wouldn’t leave Gene and I. They finally started to roam a bit. And what did Riley do? She ran immediately to find a way out and she did! There was one spot under an arbor on the side yard that she squeezed under. She ran right to the back door to the house in the garage. She wanted in the house and back in the air conditioning. Riley is the older of our two golden retrievers. We joke that she thinks she is a person stuck in a dog’s body. She really acts that way.

Eventually Remi enjoyed exploring the yard. I know we will enjoy the dogs enjoying the yard! Gene and I had a great time working together. I loved helping Gene do what he does. I loved seeing how he designs, problem solves, and his attention to detail. We must have leveled each fence panel twenty times from twenty different angles.

Another good day—and exhausting!




Brenda Garrison is an author and speaker who empowers women with the confidence to live their calling. Brenda is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ministry Leadership with a Concentration in Women’s Ministry at Moody Bible Institute. She and her husband, Gene, are the parents of three young adult daughters and live near Metamora, IL.

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