Finding Your New Place of Joy and Purpose

In last week’s blog I talked about finding and living my new sweet spot. In order to do this I needed a practice I to get me in the right headspace each day.

An idea came to me—

First thing in the morning I would write in my little daily notebook—“What I’m doing today—with enthusiasm.” Then I list the things God gave me to do that day.

Sidebar here—First I had to make my new sweet spot list. If you haven’t yet, read last week’s blog and then ask God what people and activities He has for you in this season of life. I realize some seasons are harder than others. Even if you are in a difficult season, try to take time each day for one thing or person that is life-giving to you.

Let me show you how this practice works for me. Below is my list from this morning:

~Work on the Bible study I’m writing

~Swim (part of my new exercise regime since foot injury)

~Mail one of our girls’ birthday gifts

~Prepare to take care of the Grands for a couple of days

I looked at this list through God’s perspective. He has given me these things to do so they must be important. When I do this I am more enthusiastic, seeing each day as a gift from God with a mission and purpose. I acknowledge and celebrate that this is what God has chosen for me currently.

Here’s how I applied this perspective to my list today:

~Writing is fun but it is also hard. And I don’t know a writer that doesn’t struggle with self-doubt on a daily basis. So while I love writing and know it is my calling from God, I also struggle with confidence—Will this speak to anyone but me? Does it even make sense? Maybe I should bake cookies? I sat at the compute today with purpose and not listening to the doubts. I was doing what God put in me to do. I had fun.

~Swimming—I do not enjoy swimming inside. Currently, it is the only way I can do cardio and leg exercise. I am choosing to be thankful that I have a place and way to exercise in the winter.

~Prepping and mailing our daughter’s birthday gift. I miss her and wish we could be together for her birthday. Because of my new perspective, even though we can’t be with her, I am excited to send a party in a box to her to make her feel special and celebrated. (Gene actually took the box to the post office for me!)

~Prep to spend a couple of days with the Grands at their house—I am not a detail person and there are many details to take care of for our stay. But what a gift it is to be with the boys on their turf for a couple of days! And what fun memories we will make!

When I see each of my days as a gift and mission from God, I have a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

After you make a list of your new sweet spot, look at it again. Can you enthusiastically look at your day as God’s gift, mission, and special purpose for you?





Brenda Garrison is an author and speaker who empowers women with the confidence to live their calling. Brenda is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Ministry Leadership with a Concentration in Women’s Ministry at Moody Bible Institute. She and her husband, Gene, are the parents of three young adult daughters and live near Metamora, IL.

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